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Rental Management Program

The rental management program at Curl's RV Rental is designed to enable all of our customers to purchase a new recreational vehicle and produce a substantial income from it while still being able to use it whenever you want. The program is designed and dedicated to maintaining your RV's excellent condition.

Perfect option for the RV enthusiast on a budget

Curl's RV Rental is always ready to assist you with dedicated 24-hour emergency service. Call us whenever you need help with your rental RV.

Make a Substantial Income From Your RV

Depending on the vehicle, you can make over $20,000 per year by renting the unit out to others. All you have to do is supply the RV. We'll find the renters, maintain the unit, collect the fees, and send you a check.

A profitable rental service

Once you and your recreational vehicle are enrolled in the rental management program, you'll become eligible to receive multiple tax benefits. Take advantage of our 5-year depreciation schedule for income tax purposes. You'll have the option to deduct insurance premiums, maintenance costs on the unit.

Lucrative tax benefits

Our rental management program is meant to benefit people who can't use an RV often enough to justify owning one. It's also perfect for someone who wants additional tax deductions.

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